Counts In Other Countries

Destroy the Joint – Counting Dead Women Australia

Destroy The Joint’s Counting Dead Women Australia counts all the women who are known to have been killed as a result of violence directed against women. They have not confine their count to only deaths attributed as domestic or family violence, as they believe all these violent deaths targeted against women are the result of societal misogyny. Most of these cases are subject to court proceedings but they do know that in at least 75 per cent of the cases reported, the victim knew her alleged murderer.

Destroy the Joint keeps the list as they want to ensure the lives of these women do not pass unnoticed.

Destroy the Joint

Counting Dead Women UK

Counting Dead Women UK began in 2012 when Karen Ingala Smith just started counting. “once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. Since then, I’ve counted over 366 women killed through suspected male violence…. I want us to stop seeing the killings of women by men as isolated incidents, to put them together and to see the connections and patterns”. Karen Ingala Smith

The list includes all women killed through male violence.

Counting Dead Women UK

Counting Dead Women Canada 2015

Hosted by Orla Hegarty on her Modern Times blog, from the work of NL Feminists and Allies . Counting Dead women Canada is a list of all girls and women suspected to have been murdered by men and their deaths were identified as murders in 2015.

Counting Dead Women Canada

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